anastasia Mandraveli
Anastasia MANDRAVELI – associée fondatrice


Attorney at law – Paris Bar
Ex Attorney at law – Athens Bar
Executive MBA HEC
Master Biotechnology Law

11, boulevard de Sébastopol
75001 Paris, France
Cell : +33 (0) 6 67 34 83 84
Fax : + 33 (0) 1 55 02 20 74

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Anastasia Mandraveli assists and defends companies, foundations, institutions, inventors and executives as well as investors, in securing and developing their assets (material and immaterial), principally within Health, Life Sciences Businesses and Philanthropy Sectors.

In this contexte, Anastasia Mandraveli independently and/or with teams, intervenes within complexe environments and transactions, at national and international level, in order to secure clients’ intellectual property rights and relations, create or restructure responsable corporate governance, build & drive with the involved actors and team players, legal & business strategy forward to a gainful transfer technology (public to private), R&D cooperations, acquisitions and developments.

Before founding in 2014 its own independent international law office in Paris, Anastasia has acquired solide philanthropy and business law expertise in challenging environment in France, after having exercised as attorney of Athens Bar correspondent in Paris.

She is the former Legal Officer of Scientific Affairs of the French private entity declared of public utility « AFM-TELETHON » ; from this position, Anastasia Mandraveli launched and developed with the Governance (2004 – 2012) an innovative business legal unit for the Life Sciences & Health sectors in France – the economic model established by its contracts guarantying intellectual property rights and interests of the Organization and its patients, has been congratulated by the French Court of Auditors within its last control public report.

Furthermore, individuals call Anastasia Mandraveli for strategical advice on managing complexe negotiations involving economic and labor criminal law.

As a former attorney of Athens Bar, Anastasia Mandraveli in partnership with law and notary offices in Greece, advices and assists private clients and institutions on securing their investments, real estate acquisitions and relations in Greece.

Anastasia Mandraveli is a member of two boards of directors.


With her double culture and expertise on Law (French and Hellenic), adaptability and international vision, she offers to her clients extensive negotiation and contract engineering skills according to stakes, constraints and relationships of her clients.

Thus, she is able (independently and with teams) to intervene effectively within operations involving public and private institutions in France, in Europe, and in USA, business and contract law, economic law, public law, intellectual property law, negotiations of drugs prices, compliance medical aspects, foundations law, mitigation of risks, R&D law, prevention of conflicts involving economic and labor laws, Health & Biotechnology Law.


Her experience and education on Law (French & Hellenic) at an international level combined to her knowledge issued from the Executive MBA HEC (Energies oriented), have allowed her to develop a strategic vision 360°, taking in consideration (geo-) politics, business, human and legal issues.

Furthermore, her emotional intelligence enhances her to understand and analyse rapidly stakes and actors in order to guide effectively her clients interests during negotiations within multicultural demanding and pluridisciplinary environments.

Anastasia Mandraveli double expertise applied notably on Biotechnology and Health sectors, as well as her former position as Legal Officer, bring to her clients « taylor made »  know-how on Enterprise & Innovation’ mechanisms and cultures.

Anastasia Mandraveli knows how to mitigate risks, build strategy in order to guide the resolution of conflicts, while she always applies her own method of arguing on law & business, with fighting resilience spirit, maturity and pragmatism.


2014 : Inscription Paris Bar,
2013 : Executive MBA HEC (Paris & Doha),
2003 : Admission Paris Bar (art.99),
2002 : Inscription Athens Bar,
2000 : Master on Biotechnology Law (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines),
1999 : Degree on Hellenic, European and International Law (University of Law of Athènes, Ethniko Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon).


Anastasia Mandraveli’s Law Office speaks French, English and Greek, participates and interacts within conferences events in Paris and abroad, related to Health, Biotechnology and Innovation Industries, Culture and Philanthropy.